Shelters and bivouacs

The term bivouac has a double meaning in mountaineering. The first is bivouac in a wall, where we are forced to spend the night in a wall for objective or subjective reasons. However, if we are headed to one of the existing bivouacs, it means that we will use a permanent bivouac or shelter that will allow us to climb in its vicinity.

All four Bivouacs I, II, III and IV are serviced by the Alpinist section of Jesenice. You can read more at AO Jesenice website.

Bivouac I

The bivouac is located on the edge of the Velika Dnina ridge, a little above the foot of the Velika Ponce, 2 to 3 hours’ walk from the valley. The mountaineers of Jeseniška started building it in 1934, and it was opened a year later.

There are four beds in the bivouac. Cooking is only possible if you bring a cooker with you.

Bivouac I is the starting point for approaches to Ponce and for climbing in the northern walls of Škrlatica, Rakove špica and Rogljica.

Bivouac II

The bivouac stands on the edge of the Na Jezerih plateau, 2 to 3 hours’ walk from the Vrat valley. In 1936, the mountaineers of Jeseniška brought all the building materials to the construction site, and finished the construction a year later. In 2015, mountaineers from Jesenice transported the old Dvojka to the valley and donated it to the Slovenian Mountaineering Museum in Mojstrana, and a year later a new bivouac was erected in the same place.

The bivouac has 6 beds and a solar system for charging mobile phones.

Bivouac II is the starting point for mountaineering routes and approaches to Veliki Rokav, Veliki Altar, Dovški križ and Šplevo.

Bivouac III

The bivouac is located just above the Za Akom ridge below Široka pečja in the Martulj mountains, 1:30 hour walk from the valley. It was erected in 1946 by alpinists and mountaineers from Jesenice.

There are 8 beds in the bivouac, a stove and a tank with a drip tray.

Bivouac III is the starting point for mountaineering routes and approaches to Široka peč, Dovški križ, Altar and Ponce, as well as for many touring-skiing routes.

Bivouac IV

The bivouac stands on the outskirts of the Na Rušje plateau between Dolkovo špica and Stenarje. The path from Vrat na Škrlatica passes by, and the path over Kriška stena to Krnica and over Križ to Kriške pode also branch off there.

The first bivouac was built by the mountaineers of Jesenice in 1948, but in the winter of 1950/51 a severe storm tore it off its foundations and carried it 80 m away. The new one was opened in 1953.

There are 10 beds in the bivouac, but visitors need their own sleeping pad.

Lipovceva’s hut

Zgornje Rute 27

A small closed type cottage is located in the forest above Gozd Martuljko. It is an excellent starting point for visiting the peaks in the Martulica group.

The cottage accommodates up to 20 people. On the ground floor there is a common area with a dining room, a kitchen and a brick fireplace. It is not electrified, a gas stove is available for cooking, the water is in the stream a little below the cabin, candles are used for lighting. The cottage is in the care of the Ministry of Defense of Jesenice.

Hut at Zadnji Vogel

Ukanc 184b

The closed-type cottage on Zadnji Vogel mountain is more than 50 years old, built in the style of traditional Bohinj apartments. In 2015, members of the Jesenice Municipality, who are the caretakers of the cottage, completely renovated it.

The cottage accommodates up to 8 people. It has an equipped kitchen, the toilets are outside the cottage, the water is trickle, in winter it is necessary to melt the snow. The cottage is not electrified, candles and gas light are used for lighting.