Erjavčeva’s hut at Vršič

At one of the most important mountain crossings between Gorenjska and Trenta, on an idyllic larch-covered hill on the north side of the pass, Erjavčeva’s hut stands.

The hut boasts one of the most beautiful views in our mountains – to the east above the scree of Suha Pišnica with the petrified face of Ajdovska deklica rise the mighty ridges of Prisojnik, to the left above Krnica rise the Martuljek Mountains with Špik and Škrlatica. The view to the south is closed by the slope of Vršič, while to the west the slope rises towards the Vratica pass between Nad Šitom glavo and Robičje.

The hut is an ideal starting point for easy walks, for example along the old road from Vršič to the top of Vršič or to Sovna glavo, where undemanding hikers or families with small children can go. The Prisanka and Razorja groups and the Mojstrovka chain invite more demanding mountaineers and alpinists to hiking and climbing tours of all levels of difficulty. The hut is increasingly popular among cyclists, it boasts the “Cycler Friendly Hut” certificate.

The cabin is suitable for organizing courses and lectures, camps, schools in nature, parties for private parties, weddings and other events.

The house menu is adapted to people with different tastes and dietary habits. The menu includes dishes for mountaineers and for those who are not fans of “spoonful” dishes, even the youngest will enjoy their sweet treats. In short, omnivores, vegetarians and vegans are catered for.

While the friendly staff spoils you with culinary specialties, the children can play undisturbed by the cottage. The hut has the “Family-friendly mountain hut” certificate.

You can visit Erjavčeva koča at any time of the year, it is open all year round. You will always be warmly welcomed.

The original hut was extended and opened in 1901 by the Carniola section of the German-Austrian Mountaineering Association. After World War I, it was taken over by the Slovenian Mountaineering Society, repaired and enlarged. It was named after the naturalist and writer Fran Erjavec (1834-1887). According to II. during World War II, the mountaineers of Jeseniš took over the hut, renovated it and opened it in 1946. However, due to dilapidation, it was demolished in 80 years and a new hut was built on the same spot. It was officially opened on August 1, 1993.


  • by car from Kranjska Gora along the Vršeška road, in winter along the road and shortcuts − 3:00
  • by car on the regional road through Trento, in winter on the road and shortcuts − 3:00 a.m. During the summer season, a bus runs from both directions.


  • Tičarjev hut at Vršič (1620 m) − 0:20
  • Post hut at Vršič (1688 m) − 0:45
  • Shelter under Špiček (2064 m) − 4:30
  • Soča river spring hut (886 m) − 2:00
  • Mountain lodge Tamar (1108 m), via Sleme – 3:15
  • Sleme’s peak (1909 m) − 1:30
  • Prisojnik (2547 m) via Kopiščarjeva (Jeseniška) − 4:00
  • Prisojnik (2547 m) via Jubilejna – 5:30
  • Mala Mojstrovka (2333 m) along the southern slopes − 2:00
  • Mala Mojstrovka (2333 m) along the Hanz route – 2:30
  • Jalovec (2645 m) − 5:30
  • Razor (2601 m) − 6:30