Golica hut

Golica hut stands on the scenic edge of the southern slope of Golica, just above the forest border. It is one of the most popular outposts in Karavanke.

From the hut there is a wonderful view of the peaks of the Julian Alps with Triglav, which is even more beautiful from the top of Golica, from where you can also see the Austrian side, Baška and the larger Lake Osojsko, and in clear weather also the Low and High Tura with Grossglockner. It is mainly visited by mountaineers who are going to the top of Golica (1835 m) and on tours to other surrounding peaks or crossing the Karavanke Ridge.

Not far from the hut there is a “bench of love” which, surrounded by the sun’s rays, will fill you with energy, will, views and peace.
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Since 2018, there is an Info point in the hut within the framework of the Alpe Adria project of the Karavanke/Karawanken experience region. Guides, maps and instructions for safe walking on mountain paths are available to mountaineers.

Golica does not make a powerful impression with its giant walls or its height. Few places in such a small area can find so much beauty as in this part of Karavanke. The surrounding slopes are a veritable botanical paradise. Especially in the month of May, when thousands of daffodils bloom on the lower slopes and later on the slopes all the way to the top of Golica.

You will always be welcome and well received in the hut, and the staff will pamper you with excellent local culinary offerings.


  • from Planina pod Golico − 1:45; over the Suha saddle − 2:30
  • from Planina pod Golico along the winter route – 1:45
  • from Križovec − 1:30; along the ridge − 1:30
  • from Dom Pristava in Javorniški Rovt – 2:10
  • from Podrožca (Rosenbach) through Medji dol − 3:10
  • from Podrožca (Rosenbach) across the Kladje mountain − 3:00


  • Golica (1835 m) − 0:45
  • Klek (1753 m), over Jekljevo saddle(1488 m) − 2:00
  • Rožca (1587 m), over Jekljevo saddle and down the slope of Klek − 2:30
  • Prešernova hut at Stol (2174 m) − 5:00
  • Valvasorjev dom below Stol (1181 m) − 7:00
  • Dovška Baba (1891 m) − 3:30
  • Kepa (2139 m) − 6:00